IPL Hair Removal Helps Women Deal With Excessive Body and Facial Hair

Women who have a noticeable amount of relatively dark hair on their face and arms are likely to feel embarrassed and suffer a lack of self-confidence. Shaving these areas is problematic. Even though hair on women's bodies is completely natural, cultural norms lead women to keep removing it as often as needed. Permanent hair removal with intense pulsed light can be done at spas and salons such as Solace Wellness Center & Medspa.

Cultural Views and Gender Differences

In mainstream U.S. culture, it's perfectly fine for men to have leg hair, hair under the armpits and obvious hair on the arms. The main issue they experience with excessive hair growth is when it appears on the back, although some men have such thick chest hair that they aren't pleased about this.

In women, however, most body and facial hair is seen as decidedly unattractive and even masculine. Eyebrows are OK, but usually not if they are dark, broad and thick. Pubic hair is OK, but it better stay inside the bikini lines.

A Distressing Problem

When women realize that hair is growing in a noticeable way on their chin or cheeks, on the neck or on the abdomen, it can be very distressing. Trying to keep up with all of this seems insurmountable and time-consuming. They worry about not finding some of the hairs that other people see right away.


Women may shave, use hair removal lotion or wax around the bikini area, but doing so can be irritating to sensitive skin. If they shave the upper lip or elsewhere on the face, the hair tends to grow back stiffer and more obvious. They might use hair removal cream, tweezers or wax, all of which are inconvenient. Cream and wax are messy, and tweezing and waxing are painful.

IPL Hair Removal in Merrimack Valley helps their clients avoid all of this hassle. Several sessions will be needed to achieve the best results, but after that, any hair remaining in the treated areas will be thin and weak. All that's needed in addition to the occasional at-home touch-ups is a maintenance session or two at the spa.